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How do I become a croupier at a live casino?

Could a job as a croupier at a live casino be something for you? As a live casino croupier you guide the (live) table games in an online casino. Online casinos like to work with a live casino croupier to give a realistic impression and a dynamic experience during an online table game. But that’s not all, because as a live casino victory996 croupier it is not only important to create a good atmosphere, but also to keep the table game on the right track. At the same time you can talk to the players via a chat function and you can offer players with less experience, for example, help and answer questions. Curious about what the position as a live casino croupier entails and how you can become a live casino croupier? Then read on quickly.

Job requirements live casino croupier

As with all other jobs, there are a number of job requirements that are important if you want to become a live casino croupier. For this position, online casinos are usually looking for employees who put reliability first. Of course it is necessary that you have mastered the exact rules of the various games on offer and you must be able to explain this clearly when necessary. But for this you receive training at most online casinos, so that you know exactly what is expected of you and can do this.

Communication skills

In addition to the above qualities, it is important that you look well-groomed. As a live casino croupier you are the calling card of the online casino. Just like in casinos that you can visit, it is also very important that you can deal with people well at an online casino. So good communication qualities are essential. Creating a good, cozy atmosphere where players feel at ease should therefore not be a problem for you as a live casino croupier.

Camera skills

Another talent that you should not underestimate for a live casino croupier is standing in front of the camera. It is important that you know how to convey your charisma through the camera. If you suffer from camera fear, this function will certainly not be for you. Communicating with players in front of a camera is a bit different than in real life. It takes some getting used to, but most live casino croupiers indicate that before you know it, you don’t know any better. Technology stands for nothing these days.

Team player & flexibility

Because players can often play 24/7 in an online casino, you should not expect nine to five working days. You will work in different shifts and different and changing schedules will apply every week. That is why it is extra important that you can count on the presence of colleagues. When your time is up, you naturally want to be relieved by your colleague. But that is not the only flexibility expected of an employee. Several headquarters of online casinos are located abroad. For example NetEnt is based in Malta. Many live casino croupiers therefore also live in Malta.

Independence in your work

In addition to being able to work well in a team, working independently is perhaps even more important. As a live casino croupier, you are the boss at the table, as it were. As a result, you must be able to take control and sometimes act decisively when necessary. Making decisions shouldn’t be a problem for you and if you naturally radiate a little bit of authority, this could really work in your favor.

Concentrate well, not for a few minutes, but for a longer period of time

Having a strong ability to concentrate is very useful and very important. You have to be sharp during your working day. Under no circumstances should you drop a stitch. This can really cost you your head because then sometimes serious financial mistakes can be made and that is something you naturally want to avoid. The casino is responsible for your actions and they do not want to pay out unnecessary money due to mistakes made by employees.

Extra qualities that come in handy if you want to become a live casino croupier

Do you have a good memory and can you do mental arithmetic? Then you are already two points ahead of any other applicants. These two qualities are very valuable for this job. Despite automated systems, it is also expected that you can keep track of the count yourself and that you can add up the cards while playing. This way you can calculate the profit faster. Again, you do not want to make mistakes, because you do not want to announce the wrong winner what you have to take back later due to your own calculation error.


Besides that you will learn all the rules of the game; During your training as a live casino croupier, you will also be taught how to shuffle the cards, spin the wheel and how to behave in front of the camera. All actions that you must perform at a table will be discussed. Various scenarios will be discussed with you and practiced. But, as with most jobs, practice makes perfect. Also in the position of live casino croupier. Therefore, the first few times when you are allowed to go live, your teacher or your trainer will also be there to assist you. Of course, a lot of practice precedes this. It is of course very important to look confident. But healthy tension is of course part of it. You will not be the first to start his career as a live casino croupier for the first week with sweaty hands. The duration of a training is very different per employer. At one employer you will be prepared in two weeks, but some can also take up to three months.

Full time or part time

As with many other jobs, you can also work part-time and full-time for the position as a live casino croupier. Several online casinos often prefer full-time staff so that they gain trust with players by putting the same face in front of the camera more often.

Work of a live casino croupier

When you start working as a Holland Casino croupier in a luxury casino, you will, in addition to presenting different casino games live on camera, also ensure a pleasant experience for the players. As a croupier, you will supervise the game both at the table and in the system on the monitor and you will ensure that the results of the game are fair. In addition, it is important that you play an active role in table promotions of internal and external media campaigns and other camera recordings when necessary.

Getting Outstanding Entertainment By Choosing Casino Games

Will Online Casinos Replace Land Based Casinos? – European Gaming Industry  News

The casino gambling game has become a popular one today. This is greater entertainment for many people in the world. The online casino helps to earn real money. Every player in the game is enjoying the bettering and it’s thrilling at every minute while playing. The entertainment, excitement, and enjoyment of everything you can get by playing the online casino games casino online winbet2u. There are huge benefits that are present in the game. Now the online casino games are stands out the rest of the world. It is because this gives both enjoyment and profit. 


People can play the game from the comfort of a console with a laptop or any other mobile phone as well. This is one of the reasons why people have started playing casino games majorly. The best thing about the casino is people can gamble the money and play online 24/7. According to your needs, you can play the game with never considering the timing. The excellence of the gaming you can understand at all the time you play. 

Why do people are more inclined to online gambling? | North East Connected

Wishful casino game entertainment:


The best thing about the online casino is you can spend money that is based on your budget. You can invest the money using your intellect. Apart from that, you can try to play free casino games as well. Once you gain the experiences then you have to find the reputable casino gaming site and start to play with your real money. Many online casino games are free to play so use this chance and play the game. 


  • Bonuses:


The bonuses are an important consideration in the casino game. The game offers bonuses for a maximum of the steps. The welcome bonuses to the players are engaging them to win the game with no issues. Once you join the game you can get welcome bonuses so enjoy the throughout playing with the attractive bonuses. When you choose the free play, then it is impossible to change the betting amount. At that time you can win the betting with bonuses. 


  • Loyalty points:


The loyalty points are another big thing in the game. This is a useful benefit of online casino games. The loyalty points offer to not the players who always win. But it is suited for players who are loyal to the website. If you are loyal to the site, then you can make the loyalty points easily when you are in a bad situation. 


Play the casino game with benefits:


When playing the game you can meet the new players and learn many things as well. The promotions availability of the casino game is vast. Therefore pick the game soon and playing well to win the cash price. The casino game allows players to play the game with betting so it makes it interesting to the game. Otherwise, the graphics, visual, sound effects of the game impress the players always. This is one of the simple ways to make money. If you want to join the casino games, then don’t be late just choose the website and play it https://www.33winbet.com/my/en-us/


Aces of online betting


Betting is the most normal approach to bring in money nowadays. It tends to be an ideal approach to earn money, or for certain individuals, it is very risky. You can play the Gambling games online, or you don’t have to visit a land-based best 12joker malaysia casino. You can pick the best stage to offer an enormous number of games to play. For what reason would you like to play gambling games online? Here are a few points of interest in betting that you can get 

All-day betting 

Online betting stage, you don’t have to stress the casino shutting because it is a day in and day out accessible. You can bet day or night all month long. This is one of the essential reasons individuals pick online casinos to play the Gambling games instead of disconnected. 

Bet anyplace 

Online betting is simple, quick, or basic. You can begin betting at your home while wearing shorts. It gives an advantageous and condition to begin betting or bet from the cell phone or work area. Most online casinos are accessible in Android or iOS gadgets that you can decide to play. That implies you can begin betting effectively, or you are headed to bring in money by having an Internet association or the best gadget. 

Keys to Winning at the Blackjack Table

Access countless games 

A few casino sites are accessible that you can decide to play countless games. Malaysia casino online sites that have a few games would be Blackjack, roulette, gambling machines, poker, etc. You guarantee to pick the stage that has a few games, or you can make the best determination. 

Play with no issue 

If you are a player or need to play the Gambling games with no issues, you can easily play at your home. You may pick the best casino to give the Real Experience of betting online. To do as such, you have to pick the best betting site; it is very agreeable for you. As opposed to managing undesirable natural scenes, you can zero in on the systems as a novice. This will encourage the fledglings to learn the way toward betting. 

Free games 

Numerous casinos offer free games that you can play with no monetary danger. Every one of these games is extraordinary for training for entertainment only. You could never appreciate the game like this when you join an online Casino. 

Pick stakes 

Have you ever felt that you can pick your stakes at an online Casino? You can restrict the danger by joining an online Casino. The element is very useful, or as a part, you can put away the money or bet the money you advertised. Besides, the expense of supplanting the bats at online Casino is lower than land-based casinos. Moreover, it will assist you in picking the stakes with no issues. It could be extraordinary as a novice, but no, you don’t have to stress because you can succeed in seasons of money. 

As you know, there are fantastic motivations to consider online betting instead of visit nearby casinos. You can play serenely play or spare a decent measure of money by picking an online Casino to give an immense choice of games.

Slot Machines: History, Rules And Types

Slot machines are over 100 years old, and even online gaming has a history that now spans nearly two decades. No game is more quintessential to mmc996 online casino than slot machines. Walk into a live casino, and the first thing you’ll see and hear are dozens of flashing, jingling slot machines. Online casinos are not very different; Every casino home page is covered in jackpot trackers and new slot machine previews.

Online, you have literally hundreds of different slot games to choose from, and new ones are being released every day. If variety is at the top of your priority list when you come to play, then slots will probably be your gaming option. Whether your plan is to become a long-term slots player or you just want to try them once, you will get more bang for your buck by understanding online slots before playing them.

Types Of Slots

Many first time slot players are intimidated by their options. The good news is that most slots follow the same basic set of rules. In other words, once you have played one slot, you should have no problem transitioning to other titles of this style. Slot games fall into two main categories when it comes to how they look and play. The first category – classic slots – is based on the original 3-reel format but now also includes some 5-reel slots. The second category – video slots – is based on the multi-line slot machines that revolutionized the game. There are even more variations between each slot category. For example, classic slots can have 3 or 5 reels and additional features like wild symbols, multipliers, spin bonuses, and regular and progressive jackpots. Video slots incorporate all the classic slot features but also offer fun animations, side games, and significantly more pay lines. For added entertainment value, video slots (and occasionally even classic slots) frequently feature familiar characters and themes.


In a live casino, classic slots are still mechanical. Obviously online slots are all computerized, but classic slots are still designed to mimic both the action and the odds of their real counterparts. For this reason, classic slots are always very simple and straightforward in design. A typical classic slot machine has only a few buttons: bet one, maximum bet, spin and collect. Usually you have to play the maximum bet to be eligible for the jackpot payment. Some classic 3-reel slots have only one centered payline while others have three pay lines; Classic 5-reel slots can have up to 9 pay lines. Playing just one credit on a multi-line slot machine will only get your payouts on the central payline. Classic slots are especially easy to follow because all possible payouts are posted on the front of the machine. Playing video slots is a bit more complicated, but not much. Sometimes these slots use the same buttons as classic slots, and sometimes they allow you to adjust your bet using the + or – symbols for both the pay line and the credits per line. You can also adjust your betting value to suit your budget. These games often also feature auto-spin buttons. When a game bonus is triggered, sometimes you will click directly on the game screen. You can continue to see the video slot payouts in the menu section and you can also read the rules for game bonuses and jackpots.

When bad beats are used to grow and get new stimuli

The game of poker is also made up of bad beats and painful coolers to digest. Any of us at least once found ourselves on the wrong side of the hand, to suffer a more or less sensational bad beat . It is part of the game and we will live on if we keep playing. Many of them, however, are the classic explosions that in addition to sending the players to talk to the walls, leave their mark.

A sign in morale, in the evolution of the tournament, but they also have the function of stimulating our desire to react. Constructive reaction obviously: possibly not belly . And in the long run, when we go to reap the rewards of our game, we will remember how decisive that or those bad beats were to revive our ambitions at the table sg live casino.

The darkness…

As mentioned, the Bad Beat , at least immediately leave a lot of bitterness in the mouth. Especially on a psychological level they are absurd beatings. Think of a monster pot lost due to a bad beat just a few left from the final table: a bad beat that moves both in terms of chips and in terms of money . How many after a cooler like this would like to drop everything and never see a poker table again? Lot of.

There is nothing worse than having played a hand in the best possible way, having also presented a clear advantage at the showdown , and then having everything frustrated by a mono out on the river for example. This is what really hurts, https://www.996ace.com/sg/en-us/product/livecasino.

… The light

As mentioned, the Bad Beat post becomes decisive. Crying yourself is of little use, even if we have seen the tournament of life vanish in the most mocking way. Everything is reset and we start playing with the skills we have at our disposal. When we learn to take these hits, as the best of boxers knows, then we will be ready to go and take important prizes.

This is where the goal comes into play. Objective intended as a reward . After an unfortunate blow and hard work to rebuild it, the thing we crave most is the reward. We recover with our abilities, what fate had taken away from us previously. For the series it can’t rain forever and hard work pays off sooner or later. So blessed be the Bad Beat that stimulates us to move forward again towards new goals.


As we have seen, today we have dealt with the psychological side of the game rather than the technical side . In poker, psychology is just as fundamental as strategic baggage. The player who cries all the time is destined not to have a great future in the game of poker. The famous Mind Set and more. On the contrary, the one who will know how to react and above all will put psychology in his favor, will be able to achieve great results. Be the best psychologist of yourself.