Slot Machines: History, Rules And Types

Slot machines are over 100 years old, and even online gaming has a history that now spans nearly two decades. No game is more quintessential to mmc996 online casino than slot machines. Walk into a live casino, and the first thing you’ll see and hear are dozens of flashing, jingling slot machines. Online casinos are not very different; Every casino home page is covered in jackpot trackers and new slot machine previews.

Online, you have literally hundreds of different slot games to choose from, and new ones are being released every day. If variety is at the top of your priority list when you come to play, then slots will probably be your gaming option. Whether your plan is to become a long-term slots player or you just want to try them once, you will get more bang for your buck by understanding online slots before playing them.

Types Of Slots

Many first time slot players are intimidated by their options. The good news is that most slots follow the same basic set of rules. In other words, once you have played one slot, you should have no problem transitioning to other titles of this style. Slot games fall into two main categories when it comes to how they look and play. The first category – classic slots – is based on the original 3-reel format but now also includes some 5-reel slots. The second category – video slots – is based on the multi-line slot machines that revolutionized the game. There are even more variations between each slot category. For example, classic slots can have 3 or 5 reels and additional features like wild symbols, multipliers, spin bonuses, and regular and progressive jackpots. Video slots incorporate all the classic slot features but also offer fun animations, side games, and significantly more pay lines. For added entertainment value, video slots (and occasionally even classic slots) frequently feature familiar characters and themes.


In a live casino, classic slots are still mechanical. Obviously online slots are all computerized, but classic slots are still designed to mimic both the action and the odds of their real counterparts. For this reason, classic slots are always very simple and straightforward in design. A typical classic slot machine has only a few buttons: bet one, maximum bet, spin and collect. Usually you have to play the maximum bet to be eligible for the jackpot payment. Some classic 3-reel slots have only one centered payline while others have three pay lines; Classic 5-reel slots can have up to 9 pay lines. Playing just one credit on a multi-line slot machine will only get your payouts on the central payline. Classic slots are especially easy to follow because all possible payouts are posted on the front of the machine. Playing video slots is a bit more complicated, but not much. Sometimes these slots use the same buttons as classic slots, and sometimes they allow you to adjust your bet using the + or – symbols for both the pay line and the credits per line. You can also adjust your betting value to suit your budget. These games often also feature auto-spin buttons. When a game bonus is triggered, sometimes you will click directly on the game screen. You can continue to see the video slot payouts in the menu section and you can also read the rules for game bonuses and jackpots.

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