When bad beats are used to grow and get new stimuli

The game of poker is also made up of bad beats and painful coolers to digest. Any of us at least once found ourselves on the wrong side of the hand, to suffer a more or less sensational bad beat . It is part of the game and we will live on if we keep playing. Many of them, however, are the classic explosions that in addition to sending the players to talk to the walls, leave their mark.

A sign in morale, in the evolution of the tournament, but they also have the function of stimulating our desire to react. Constructive reaction obviously: possibly not belly . And in the long run, when we go to reap the rewards of our game, we will remember how decisive that or those bad beats were to revive our ambitions at the table sg live casino.

The darkness…

As mentioned, the Bad Beat , at least immediately leave a lot of bitterness in the mouth. Especially on a psychological level they are absurd beatings. Think of a monster pot lost due to a bad beat just a few left from the final table: a bad beat that moves both in terms of chips and in terms of money . How many after a cooler like this would like to drop everything and never see a poker table again? Lot of.

There is nothing worse than having played a hand in the best possible way, having also presented a clear advantage at the showdown , and then having everything frustrated by a mono out on the river for example. This is what really hurts, https://www.996ace.com/sg/en-us/product/livecasino.

… The light

As mentioned, the Bad Beat post becomes decisive. Crying yourself is of little use, even if we have seen the tournament of life vanish in the most mocking way. Everything is reset and we start playing with the skills we have at our disposal. When we learn to take these hits, as the best of boxers knows, then we will be ready to go and take important prizes.

This is where the goal comes into play. Objective intended as a reward . After an unfortunate blow and hard work to rebuild it, the thing we crave most is the reward. We recover with our abilities, what fate had taken away from us previously. For the series it can’t rain forever and hard work pays off sooner or later. So blessed be the Bad Beat that stimulates us to move forward again towards new goals.


As we have seen, today we have dealt with the psychological side of the game rather than the technical side . In poker, psychology is just as fundamental as strategic baggage. The player who cries all the time is destined not to have a great future in the game of poker. The famous Mind Set and more. On the contrary, the one who will know how to react and above all will put psychology in his favor, will be able to achieve great results. Be the best psychologist of yourself.

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